How To Check A Boat’s Service History

The quality of a boat’s service history depends on the quality of its documentation. Gaps in service history, lost records or indecipherable service receipts can make it difficult to check the history of a vessel and to determine if servicing has been performed properly and on time. Read on for our tips on how you can check a boat’s service history and how it’s recorded.

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Receipts and Log Book

When checking the service history of a boat, the first place to go is to the owner’s receipts and log book. If the owner has recorded things correctly, you should easily be able to determine what service has been performed and when it was carried out. These receipts can often include notes about requests from the owner and about the type of service performed. If the owner has been doing things right, most servicing will fall under scheduled maintenance aimed to prevent breakdowns and even increase the value of the vessel.


Sometimes it’s not possible to check receipts or log books. Either they have been lost, or they aren’t passed on at the time of sale. Your next step is to contact the dealership selling the boat or its engine. Many popular models have an online space for dealers to record service and recalls. If the service has been completed by an approved dealer within the recommended period, the manufacturer may even offer an extended warranty.

Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual is a crucial tool for helping you to determine what sort of service should be carried out and when, and can guide you as you check the service history of a boat. It’s usually provided with the engine on the sale of a boat, but can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer.

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