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Enjoy the Open Waters!

At Ballina Marineland, we sell an excellent range of boats and trailers, outboard motors, chandlery and much more. Our friendly staff are passionate about helping clients live out their boating passion to the fullest.


Our team will go the extra mile to find the boat, trailer or spare parts you need. We also provide workshop services, offering expert advice on boat servicing and repairs.

Find Your Dream Boat

When you visit our Ballina boat shop, you’ll receive nothing less than exemplary customer service. Our team brings more than 35 years’ worth of industry experience to the job. So, whether you’re after a new tinny or something for family fishing trips, we can find what you’re looking for.


Call or visit our Ballina marine supplies shop today and discover your next pride and joy. You can reach us at (02) 6686 2669.

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We sell an awesome variety of new boats and trailers from leading brand Quintrex. Rest assured, we’ll do all we can to help you find your dream vessel.

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Outboard Motor — Boat Shop in Ballina, NSW

We stock brand new outboard motors from Yamaha at Ballina Marineland. Rest assured, our experts will recommend the optimal outboard motor for your vessel type.

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In the market for boat accessories and chandlery? We have an excellent range of options from top brands – including Yamaha, Minn Kota, Garmin and much more.

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Find an outstanding secondhand boat and make great savings at Ballina Marineland. If you’re looking to sell your boat, we can provide reliable valuation services.

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Wrenches — Boat Shop in Ballina, NSW

At our boat workshop in Ballina, we fit spare parts, conduct tank testing, and provide servicing for virtually all vessel makes and models. Get in touch with us today.

Call or visit our Ballina marine supplies shop today and discover your next pride and joy!

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Who We Are

For more than 35 years, Ballina Marineland has been proudly serving local boat enthusiasts. Situated in the Airport Industrial Estate, we offer a huge array of new and used boats as well as motors. Our friendly, passionate staff will spare no effort to help you find what you’re looking for. We can also offer you helpful advice, so you can get the most out of your next boating adventure.


If you’re new to boating you may well have a few questions about buying a boat and properly taking care of it. We’ve put together some answers to a few of the queries we hear most often – read on to find out more.



A brand new boat is a great idea if you know exactly what you want and are planning to keep your boat for some time. The benefits of choosing a brand new boat include:

✓ Ability to choose a vessel that matches your specifications
✓ Ability to have all the latest innovations & technology onboard.
✓ Everything is in perfect condition.

✓ Protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.



There are plenty of advantages to buying a used boat. Firstly, your initial purchase will cost less than if you were buying a new boat, so you could get more for your money when you buy a second-hand vessel. Other great benefits can be:


✓ More economical option.

✓ Usually second-hand boats come fully equipped with everything you need on board.

✓ Any minor issues used boats have are likely to have already been identified & dealt with. 

✓ You can also feel confident that the technologies onboard the boat are well-established and reliable.

✓ Lower cost of ownership per year (for example, the cost of insurance cover for a second-hand boat is usually lower than for a new boat).



Getting your boat serviced regularly is important to prolong its life and keep it running smoothly, as well as for safety reasons. How frequently it needs servicing will vary depending on how much use you get out of it. It’s generally recommended to have your boat fully serviced after every 100 hours of use.



Boat chandlery is a broad term that includes all of the accessories you need to run your boat. This covers essential boating equipment as well as spare parts for the vessel. Chandlery includes items like anchors, ropes, batteries, winches, and anything else that helps you kit out, maintain, and operate your boat either above or below deck.


If you’d like a quote for a new or second-hand boat, get in contact with Ballina Marineland today. You can reach us by telephone, email, or by visiting our well-stocked showroom in Ballina.