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Our Ballina boat shop is an exclusive dealer for leading Australian brand Quintrex. Whether you’re looking for a larger vessel for family trips, or something smaller for fishing trips with the mates, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect option. We invite you to browse our extensive indoor showroom where our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have. They will go the extra mile to help you find the ideal boat for your needs and budget.

If you’re in the market for a boat trailer, be sure to visit Ballina Marineland. We’ll listen to your requirements and help you find the perfect fit for your vessel and land vehicle. To discover our full range of new Quintrex boats and trailers, visit our Ballina marine shop today. We also have a great selection of secondhand boats available for sale.

Our Popular Boats

Wanderer 300 — Boat Shop in Ballina, NSW


This small, light and economical option is ideal for 2-person fishing trips. At 3 metres long and weighing just 46kg, the WANDERER can easily be fitted on top of the car – so you don’t need to worry about purchasing an additional trailer.
Wanderer 320 — Boat Shop in Ballina, NSW


This modern, streamlined tinny is extremely light weight and ideal for camping trips. It can be fitted with a variety of outboard motors and you have the option of a painted or vinyl wrapped hull.
420 Renegade — Boat Shop in Ballina, NSW


This modern, streamlined tinny is extremely light weight and ideal for camping trips. It can be fitted with a variety of outboard motors and you have the option of a painted or vinyl wrapped hull.
Explorer 350 — Boat Shop in Ballina, NSW


Affording excellent stability and a flat deck, the EXPLORER 350 is perfect for discovering the waterways whilst enjoying a spot of fishing. Small but versatile, the EXPLORER 350 can be readily fitted to a range of trailer types.

Benefits of Buying a New Boat

Boating is a hobby that many of us love, but it can become less enjoyable as a boat begins to age and wear. If you are considering buying a new boat, here are a few reasons how it could benefit you and how it could make all the difference to your hobby.

1. Range of options

Although you may have a comfortable familiarity with your old boat, this familiarity can cause you to miss out on many other wonderful boat styles. When looking to purchase a new boat, you might find that you prefer a completely different style.

When buying a new boat the market becomes completely open to you. From a small fishing boat to a more complex boat such as the Renegade Tiller Steer 420, you will have a range of options available at your fingertips.

Whether you prefer stability or power in a boat, the range of choices available to you is incredible. You can select a new boat based on your favourite characteristics for your own tastes, taking full advantage of the opportunities new boats can offer.

2. Pristine condition

After owning your boat for several years, you might see a significant amount of wear and tear. Time in the water will do that, especially if you’ve used it in shallower waters and scraped the hull.

A new boat has none of this history of damage. It can come in pristine condition, helping you to be safe in the knowledge that the boat will work as expected and looks attractive.

No longer will you have to worry about a motor cutting out on the water. You can take your trips freely without having to fear reliability issues.

3. Customise it how you like

Once you own a boat, you can customise it as you please.

One of the main customisations that people make is to the way their boat looks. If you own a boat you want it to feel personal, so why not add a lick of paint to add a personal touch.

You can also mechanically modify some boats. The Wanderer range, for example, can have a selection of outboard motors installed, offering you a different level of performance.

Boats can be incredibly simple, and the modifications you can make are endless. New boats can be considered blank canvases that you can customise as you please.

4. Warranty

Whether on the water or in a harbour, accidents can happen to boats and they are often costly.

Many old boats, unfortunately, have an expired warranty. This means you get no support in the case that you need to complete repairs on the boat.

New boats will often have a lengthy warranty in place. This means that you can use it for years without fear of financial repercussions, as your warranty will cover any issues.

5. Why choose Ballina Marineland for new boats in Ballina?

Ballina Marineland offers a range of great boats that you can trust to perform well for a long time. Our boats are in pristine condition, and ready to get on the water whenever you need them.

Call or visit our Ballina marine supplies shop today!