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Are you in the market for outboard motors in Ballina? We’ve got what you’re looking for! At our Ballina marine shop, we sell a wide range of new outboard motors from leading global brand Yamaha. Whether you’re after a small and stable option for your tinny, or something larger, we’ll find what you need. Used outboard motors are also available at prices that won’t hurt your hip pocket.


The Yamaha motors we sell are light weight, compact, low maintenance and ergonomic. They also afford a high degree of maneuverability, so you can enjoy greater steadiness in choppy water. We always put the safety of our customers first and our team will advise the optimal outboard motor for your vessel.


To find out more about our range, call or visit Ballina Marineland today. We also provide outboard motor repairs at our workshop.

Why Choose Us for Outboard Motors?

The Yamaha outboard motors we sell at Ballina Marineland:
The Yamaha outboard motors we sell at Ballina Marineland:
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New and used Yamaha outboard motors

At Ballina Marineland, we sell both new and used Yamaha outboard motors. Many customers want to buy a new motor because of the excellent warranties that new Yamaha outboard motors are sold with, or because they want to ensure that their motor has the best and most recent tech. These are valid reasons to buy new, and our expert boating advisors can help to match you with a brand new Yamaha outboard motor that perfectly meets your needs.

Buying a used outboard motor is a great way to save a little money without compromising on the essentials. We test every used outboard motor we buy, ensuring that it runs properly, without faults, and assessing it for condition and lifespan. We only sell on used outboard motors that have been well looked after and offer years of use to new owners. If you’re looking for a new or used outboard motor, at Ballina Marineland we can make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Find your perfect outboard motor

Different kinds of boats and boating activities require different kinds of motors. Whether you’re in need of an ultra-powerful Yamaha outboard motor that packs cutting-edge technology into a compact package or a simple, efficient outboard motor for gentle boating activities or regular fishing trips, our expert advisors can help you to select the right motor for your vessel. We are dedicated to offering friendly, transparent customer service, and our main priority is matching you with the right motor. We never push a hard sell, and we won’t try to sell you more than you need. Contact us to work with a team of honest and knowledgeable experts who will ensure you get the best Yamaha outboard motor at the best price.

Only high-quality outboard motors at Ballina Marineland

At Ballina Marineland, we carefully vet all of the outboard motors we sell for quality and reliability, ensuring that only the best condition Yamaha outboard motors are bought from our shop. All of the motors we stock are made by world-leading manufacturer Yamaha, and we thoroughly assess and test all used outboard motors before we list them for sale. If you’re looking for a Ballina supplier of Yamaha outboard motors that will offer high-quality motors at fantastic prices, contact us at Ballina Marineland today. Our expert advisors can help you to find the right outboard motor for your boat.

Outboard Motors FAQ

Do you only sell brand new boats and outdoor motors?

No. We also sell an extensive collection of secondhand boats and pre-owned outdoor motors.

All our secondhand and pre-owned boats and motors are of the highest quality, and we’re proud to stock leading brands such as Stacer and Qunitrex.

To find out what secondhand boats and pre-owned motors we have available, you can visit us or contact us.

Which brand new boats are most popular?

Our most popular brand new boats include the Quintrex Wanderer 300, the Quintrex Wanderer 320, the Quintrex Renegade Tiller Steer 420 and the Quintrex Explorer 350.

You can find more details about the specifications of these popular boats by visiting this page.

Why should I consider a secondhand boat?

Our range of secondhand boats are all of extremely high quality, so there is no need to worry about a secondhand boat needing extensive repairs.

Opting for a secondhand boat is a cost-effective option if you’re looking for a long-term investment. Another advantage of buying secondhand from us at Ballina Marineland is that all of our secondhand boats are available to take home immediately.

Does Ballina Marineland have a workshop?

Yes. Here we provide a wide array of boat repairs and motor maintenance services for all types and makes of vessel – you can count on us to do a great job for a fair price.

What services does your workshop provide?

At our workshop, we’re able to provide repair and maintenance services for vessels and outdoor motors.

Some of the services we offer include: performance testing, sourcing and fitting spare parts, outboard motor testing, outboard motor repairs, and computer diagnostic checks.

You can receive a quote for our services prior to any work being completed.

Do you stock boat accessories?

Yes, we do. We stock affordable, state-of-the-art boating accessories and boat chandlery at Ballina Marineland.

From batteries and fuse boxes to anchors, we provide an extensive array of boating chandlery by some of the leading, reputable boating brands in Australia, including BLA and FUSION, amongst others.

What is the best way to contact Ballina Marineland?

To contact us at Ballina Marineland, you can either visit us directly if you live locally – we’re based at 22 Endeavor Close, Ballina, New South Wales, 2478 – or you can submit a message to us online.

Alternatively, call us on 02 6686 2669.

Call or visit our Ballina marine supplies shop today!